Retirement Plans

Calder Investment Advisors has worked with Fidelity Investments since 1988 and offers a full range of retirement plan options for employers.

  • 401k Profit Sharing Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Simple 401k and IRA Plans

Calder offers five diversified, managed investment portfolios. Each portfolio is established with a specific asset allocation based on the employees risk tolerance. Once a participant selects a model strategy, we do the rest. Calder handles the selection of mutual funds, rebalancing the account to maintain asset allocation, and replace poor performing investments in the portfolio as is necessary.

Calder Model Portfolios vs. Target Date Funds

Target date funds allow participants to pick an individual fund based on a future retirement date. What happens if you have two participants with the same retirement date but have a different tolerance for risk? Each of these participants would have the same investment strategy if their plan offers target date funds. Calder Investment Advisors Model Portfolios allows participants to choose the appropriate allocation based on their individual needs.

For all of our plans we adhere to the Federal code section 3(38) Fiduciary Standard:

As an ERISA-defined 3(38) investment advisor, Calder assumes fiduciary liability for the selection and monitoring of all plan investment options providing peace of mind to plan sponsors.