Investment Management

Calder Investment Advisors is committed to creating peace of mind for our clients by providing them with a well- defined investment strategy. Through general discussion and data gathering we develop a custom investment strategy for each client. In many ways, each of our client accounts are managed as if they are a member of our family.

  • Investment Oversight: We constantly monitor the investments in your account to determine if your allocation is proper based on current and our outlook on future market conditions.
  • Long Term Perspective: Investing is a journey that rewards objective discipline and penalizes emotional decisions. Good investment performance is achieved by keeping short term volatility of the markets in perspective and remaining patient.
  • Fiduciary Standard: We are an independent, fee-only firm that is not tied to any investment product. We place your interests ahead of our own and act in a manner that is in your best interest.
  • Independent Custodian: Calder Investment Advisors does not hold client investments, but utilizes Fidelity Investments to independently hold client investments. Calder has been working with Fidelity since 1988.

Financial Planning

We have experienced Certified Financial Planners,(CFP) on our staff who are ready to assist you. We utilize one of the most powerful planning software tools in the industry, MoneyGuidePro. Contact Patrick Newcombe, CFP or Tom Glover, CFP to set up a free consultation.

You may contact Pat and Tom by phone at 616-235-2442 or email or for more information

Social Security Planning

Choosing the right Social Security election may be the most important decision of your retirement. This decision can impact your retirement income by thousands of dollars. In fact, the difference between the best and worst possible decision of when to elect to take your Social Security benefits could be well over $100,000.

Visit the Calder Investment Advisors’ Social Security Timing microsite to learn more. For more information, contact Patrick Newcombe, CFP at 616-235-2442 or for a free initial consultation.